It takes 15 Minutes to learn All the Natural Note Positions on the Guitar Fret board. It’s Easy


When you hold the guitar in your playing position the string closest to your eye is the SIXTH STRING not the FIRST “in knee jerk logic”.. How to remember?.. In the foot race “THE FAT GUY FINISHED LAST.”…So the fattest string, the low E is the SIXTH STRING; The skinny E, the bottom string the first.

You need to know the 6 strings…From top to bottom…North to South…fattest to skinny

E A D G B E…….To remember all books and teachers have a phrase…EDDIE ATE DYNAMITE, GOODBY EDDIE…..Common sense suggests after a little effort phrase is no longer necessary.

Going from East to West across the Fret board….on both the SIXTH string and FIRST STRING…Sing out Do  Re  Me  Fa  So  La  Te  Do….. While plucking FRETS: E Open string then 1 3 5 7 8 10 12 That’s 8 notes one complete OCTAVE across the 12 fret, fretboard… from the E open string to the 12th fret…Lowest note is E…the root note so it’s an E scale. The other 4 sharps and flats of no concern in this system…


So you know the strings, the column, North to South (not to get confused): E   A   D   G  B  E

“You will notice between E TO A is a 4 note interval… E F G A…Likewise the others EXCEPT THE INTERVAL Between the third string G to second string B,  IT’S THREE NOTE INTERVAL…Knowing this is a valuable ..what I call TOOL to ALWAYS check things out particularly in the beginning. “You will quickly see what I mean. "After two weeks the system irrelevant your brain won't need assistance to memory". 

Looking at the fret board in profile North to South your strings are pictured…EADGBE…. Equally so the column going down on the 12th fret EADGBE.. These of course are all natural notes..our system concern..So now we know the 12th FRET Naturals…” Everything will repeat itself after that.

Now take a look at your 5th fret… and your 10th fret From North to South profile view They too both have all naturals on their six strings

NOW on the 5th fret learn the phrase..A DAMN GOOD CHEESECAKE EAT IT ALL “ Now you know all the notes on the 5th Fret….Let me point something out you will observe it starts with an A and must end with an A…You also just learned the 5th Fret has ALL NATURAL NOTES.

NOW on to the 10th Fret “Let’s take another 20 seconds to learn the six natural notes on the 10th fret”

DAMN GOOD CHEESECAKE FAD…  We all know in English what a fad is…as in the latest fashion fad..Take a look at your four note intervals and the three note interval between F and A



Eddie is dead he ate dynamite so forget about him on 6th and first strings BUT

The other strings have designated names I gave too each

ANDY is A  “We know that to be the 5th string;

DORIS is D  4th string

GEORGE is G  3rd string

BOB is B      2nd string

These names should be easy to remember.

For the first fret the sixth string is the natural F so the first string is also F.. “If you don’t know why review preliminaries. I WANT FRIES, CHEESEBURGER with FANTA  “Fanta a coca cola drink makes sense. So we have only 3 naturals on first fret …The F on the sixth an F on the 1st.. So what about the C?..”Use your 4 note interval tool C is four notes upward from F so it must be the 2nd string…Besides the first chord you learn is “C” Your index finger on first fret 2nd or B string……You play that once or twice get the mental picture there very quickly..

ANDY the fifth string, He has a Restaurant the name of the restaurant is the BEA.. “Stupid name you think but we remember stupid things"…So starting with Andy…B is the 5th string E the 4th A the 3rd string all of course on the 2nd fret…beginning with the 2nd fret Andy’s fret Where is Andy’s restaurant 2nd street of course…Simple logic BEA 5th 4th 3rd strings.... Play it a few times Don’t think about it just do it..You also learned there are only three naturals on the 2nd fret…”I may have gone into overkill explaining it but this simple logic clicks in when you play it on your guitar once or twice. Andy’s Fret 5th string; 4th string; 3rd string B E A   Stick with it you got the system


The GIANT, CHEESEBURGER, FRIES, DRINK, TO GO.. So we have 5 naturals on the third fret G C F D G It starts with G Five string phrase must ends with G first in between just follow down…So you say that between F and D is 6 notes ?…you are correct… but between D and G is your 4 note interval ..So D must be the 2nd string not the 3rd string…”The tool along  along with consistency of the naturals makes this simple system work...After two days irrelevant you will have it down playing it "If you practice"

Now you should have grasped the simplicity of the system...Learn the phrases by Memory, playing, write the notes on tab paper...and away you got it down 


GEORGE’S….. BIG BOY SANDWICH…So George is the third string…There is only one natural on the 4th Fret B…This Natural on the third string of the 4th fret.. “ Not much to get that down there!” Just play it and know it…then move on…Remember G for George the third string

FIFTH FRET  “We already did it.”


BOB’S…. Friendly Motel Six.. “It tells us that F is the Natural on the sixth Fret…Second string BOB.. So like the fourth fret the sixth fret has only one natural as well “Easy enough” play it and move on saying the phrase while playing to engage automatic recall. Second string is F


The BEA  SERVES  DRINKS included with Burgers.. Starts with B ends with B so  let's work it down. D must be the third string 4 notes from A. It can’t be the 2nd string because the interval between D and B is six not four.  As I said above the simple 4 note interval or three interval tool works. We used it on 3 and 7…we will use it again on the 8th Fret



CHICKEN FRIED, GREECY CHICKEN…”use your tools” C sixth string, C first string…F is four notes from C… must be the 5th string….G is also four notes from C going the other way…So we have 4 naturals on the eighth fret..The phrase plus the tool tells you the notes and positions of the notes.” Sounds hokey but just play it a few times saying the phrase.”…You will get it down easily.


The waitress in Andy’s restaurant is known as DORIS B..So on the 9th fret 4th string (DORIS) we have the note B but wait B is also a word BE..Yes on the 3rd string you will find the E letter or note completing the word BE…so there are 2 naturals on the 9th fret..E is the 4 note interval to B


You learned all the natural notes on the Fret boards 12 frets in probably 15 minutes: We covered Fret 10 and fret 12 the completion of the octave. FRET 11, no naturals all sharps and or flats.


DON’T OVER THINK THIS.. IT’S A QUICK PROCESS OF DOING… After playing a few times Get a piece of paper…Going from North to South…write out each phrase you were given; Start filling in 5 and 10…using the phrases…now start with one and work the other phrases..down through 9…grasp the names..Andy, Doris, George and Bob Work one phrase at a time.. Within an hour you should be getting pretty good at it…Now get a piece of paper put in the 6 strings and 12 frets…I devised the system for me..Within one day I could write in all the notes within one minute…You can too…. Like playing takes much practice… keep on practicing…It will come easily.

What you learned is a very powerful device… within two days… If you wanted to locate where all the E’s are…You know open string 6 and one are E… Say the phrases No E’s on first fret…2nd fret…Andy’s restaurant BEA… Yes there is an E on the 4th string 2nd fret…No E’s on 3rd or 4th frets…saying the phrases on the 5th fret 2nd or B string.. is an E. No E’s on 6th fret.. 7th fret yes saying the phrase..E on the 5th string 7th fret… No E’s on 8th fret..9th fret yes…Doris (BE) so E is the 3rd string 9th fret..No E on 10th fret…none on 11.. 12 fret on  6th string 1st string…..The quicker you can mentally identify the phrases the quicker you can identify notes…The phrases are powerful training wheels thanks to Andy Doris George and Bob you will find…More powerful in time with instant note recognition…


If I start with the open E 6th string  I can work down the first 3 frets and at open E first string have played 16 notes or completed 2 octaves in the key of E Equally I know where C is on 3rd fret (cheeseburger 5th string) and easily work out a C scale on the first 3 frets…I can also work out a scale beginning with E string on the 5th, 7th and 9th frets as well as 12 very quickly…Like anything else on the guitar the more you practice this easy system…The more you can EASILY master the fret board.. The mind opens up to more things. You have the design use it and master you do your mind and memory will quickly adjust.

If you eliminate B & F from your 7 note natural scale You have your Pentatonic Scale…”This logic will quickly open up to you and so much more

MY FEE : A few ATTA BOY’S (LOL) from my guitar friends and guitar fraternity; especially, the guys and gals on U-Tube who have inspired & taught me a lot….”Glad I had something to share.” I get so much pleasure playing my guitar as I’m sure all of you do too…We are lucky, always have a reliable friend nearby. . I sailed my boat, single handed across the Pacific, I was NEVER alone. It was SUBLIME.

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