I remember Early April 1967... I was on spring break, A graduate student at the University of Paris studying Law & economics. I had hitch-hiked across Turkey into a PEACEFUL SYRIA. Before I turned into my sleeping bag with an inflatable air mattress...bed etoile, along the side of the road, I found nearby a pleasant family restaurant. On my pack I had a small US flag... This young girl had a picture book of flags...matching my Stars and Stripes to her pictures... I remember she and her mother gasping..."All the Way From America". I never felt in any danger... I wasn't! I sadly think back "What a tragedy to these good people, what has transpired. The area before WW2 was a French colony, so I was able to communicate... No-one spoke English, just French and Arabic, culturally isolated long before an Internet. This script does indeed have personal meaning to me. These people should not be needlessly suffering. So many have been killed or maimed.




 What I’m currently working on SCRIPT  3… ( The Series Scripts that I'm working on are locked away in the Script: "Works in progress link vault...Password protected") BUCK Morris CEO of Rockabilly Corporation, has had a very successful initial operational and financial success with the Rock Tour of Asia promoting their line of fashion along with their line of High Quality Guitars. “We know all that of course from the Feature Production Script”....From whence the TV Series evolves. 

In Script #1 Dr. Rocklyn Score, has mentioned to her father Rory Score and Buck about these traumatized children who are immigrants from war torn Syria…He throws a Hugh Christmas party on his Yacht and it’s accompanied dock facility. People from all over the world flying in; knowing, the calibre of parties that Buck and the Rockabilly family throw. On the back deck for these children, he has built a Christmas gingerbread house for them waiting for Santa with all the toys.....The basis of this script Number - 2 

The father of two of these children we find out is a street musician in order to support his wife and children… The family doesn’t say much…they are fearful. We don’t know whether they are legal or illegal immigrants, certainly qualified for asylum persecuted by the war. As the storyline progresses, The father is hired by Rockabilly with a good salary and full benefits to work in the newly constructed Rockabilly Fashion store in Miami, on the third floor, the guitar museum…demonstrating their fine guitar collection. Rockabilly is handling all the immigration issues. Rocklyn is enrolling the wife into a nursing program along with English classes.  Wendy,  who the little girl is attached too, helps to guide the children toward proper schooling preparation.  SCRIPT #3 This ... I'm currently working on … takes place in their New Singapore Office known as "Rockabilly Worldwide Enterprises." New York - Miami Beach - Singapore... The intended Series will evolve  as to their storylines currently out of these three locations. The music and fashion is awesome throughout the series...All leading up to the intended 2nd Asian Rock tour with Johnny Rocket, Wendy and a few musical surprises.