How To Identify Polaris in the Sky






The Ball Park Practical Solution :

1-Locate the Big Dipper as Illustrated

2- Note that Polaris should not be more than a couple of degrees off CompassTrue North.

3- The Quick Solution:

A-The (HO) of Polaris minus one degree, should approximate your latitude.

B- If your Magnetic bearing, adjusted for True bearing (T V M D C) is more than a few degrees at variance with a course of 000 degrees, or your gyro bearing at some degree of excessive variance….indicates either compass needs to be adjusted or you identified the wrong star. "This is why you are doing this procedure…Compass check and Sextant accuracy.

4- The more precise solution is to be found using the work sheet and The Nautical Almanac, but the above puts you in the ballpark which is all you generally need for practical purposes.