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General Note: All the answers required from the Nautical Almanac, and HO 229 have been marked on the respective sheets; wih one exception, the Sunrise problem. You should have completed the Meridian (LAN) solution first. Therefore you can apply what you learned to figure out the arc to time conversion required in the problem. I did not mark Tables 27 and 28. You should have had sufficient knowledge in the Sunline (Part-1) and the Azimuth (Part-2) To figure out how to use and Interpolate These Tables. The correct answers of course would be found on information I provide for your worksheet.


How To Work A Sextant


Running Fix

How to Construct a Universal Plotting Sheet

The Celestial 1 Sunline Plot


Sunline Worksheet

Starline Worksheet

3-Starfix Worksheet

Mer. Passage (LAN) Worksheet

Azimuth Worksheet

Amplitude Worksheet

Lat. and AZ. By Polaris Worksheet

Polaris Quick Identification Procedure

Sunrise/Sunset Worksheet

NAUTICAL ALMANAC: (Required Excerpts)

HS Sextant Corrections to HO (Part-1)

The Daily Sheet for our Sunline Part-1)

Increments And Corrections for Sunline (m + S) (Part-1)

The Daily Sheet "IF" we were doing Starline (Part-1)

The Daily Sheet for our Mer. Passage (LAN) (Part-2)

The Arc Conversion Table for our Mer. Pass. (Part-2)

The Table for Lat and AZ by Polaris (Part-2)

The Daily Sheet for our Sunrise/Sunset (Part-2)

HO 229 TABLES: (Required Excerpts)

Table for our Sunline (Part -1)

Random Table for Sunline Z-Zn correction Note (Part -1)

Tables for our Azimuth Base and "Nexts" (Part -2)

Bowditch: (Required Excerpts)

Table 27 for our Amplitude Solution (Part-2)

Table 28 for our Amplitude Solution (Part-2)

Celestial Simplified-1
Celestial Simplified-2