What makes me want to post my next project is the energy that comes with ENTHUSIAM. Here it is almost Christmas, I’m in a beautiful place, Thailand. My Visa is expiring but that’s OK. I’ll be back in a month or so. Similarly, July last, I headed out taking the train to Malaysia and after a week or so eating Mc Donald’s and Subway, in Penang, and loving every bite (Sometimes you just get tired of spicy food) I flew over to a great place in Indonesia to work on my next project with my new guitar. (My other got looted, along with everything else when my boat sank… So I'm homeless with nothing... no big deal, I'm still alive and well; they could have killed me) The new Screenplay was intended to be about Bullfighting and Flamenco…I posted it right here, my intentions.

I thought the guitar would inspire creativity (It Did) besides of course having fun.  

I soon found out something similar was done 10 years ago… So I pulled the plug and just enjoyed wonderful Indonesia. Swimming and hiking every day...along with playing my guitar.

No experience goes to waste; Inspired by my guitar, beautiful lovely very fashionable So. East Asian young ladies, and music coupled with riding my bike back and forth from the beach back in Thailand, along with random facts that were currently in the news media, I was inspired by all these ingredients that came together; put ALL in a blender and out came a smoothie…My sixth Screenplay “IT’S ONLY ROCK N’ ROLL”

Essentially following the same plan as I did in July, I began thinking about a next project. I didn’t get very far with deliberative thinking… Then out of the blue it hit me… My latest Screenplay…IT’S ONLY ROCK N’ ROLL much different than my other works, A PARODY of sorts on life… which is very entertaining, It's a parody, so it's larger than life. (See for yourself back two links) The Rich Characters, The Rockabilly family, and the ground it covers from the intended production, I felt would have an unlimited horizon as a HIT Television Series. 

I don’t have to start with a pilot, like MASH the pilot IS the production… Just start writing scripts for TV..SO THAT’S WHAT I ALREADY BEGAN and INTEND TO DO IN INDONESIA... I have a few ideas.  I would like to make it of course Entertaining “That’s the easy part...but MEANINGFUL in today’s world more difficult without getting political, ideological and dogmatic”...All that does is generate the social media...I have nothing to do with it...It's a wasteland...It robs the INDIVIDUAL to who and what they really are... and leaves many love starved, bitter and isolated; with an inability to find God within themselves. That happens when the individual is defined by others who are called friends such as on Face Book?... When people get upset today, they run to Twitter and make fools of themselves... then need to apologize later, embarrassed & contrite;  maybe, try holding your tongue? The shows that seem to do best today mock other people. "I don't see any redeeming value there" People need to be up lifted not degraded. A good writer and actor series, I feel, needs to touch their audiences heart and soul... THAT to me is ENTERTAINMENT. " That's what I endeavor to do through my work" with the Series write all 13 half hour scripts (LOL) that's a challenge..."What else do I have to do?"

A Spiritual Mentor told me years ago “The World is a Mess…Always was, and Always will be. I took his words to heart and went on a 14 year journey from Florida, generally alone on my sailboat, sailing around the Caribbean, South and Central America, through the Panama Canal crossing the Pacific. The things I learned were many. Through no fault of my own, my boat was destroyed (God's Will I guess) and I lost everything except my passport, toothbrush and ATM card. Left with what I needed to survive; an all too common experience one learns alone at sea; the times in heavy weather over the years I could have wound up on a reef or overboard. So what I learned as a Seaman and Naval Architect, Vessels are designed to go forward not back, awkward at best…so in spite of writing six original inspired Screenplays that are really great… seemingly ignored, like sailing keep on going forward... Meet the challenge ALONE, like at sea... write all 13 half hour scripts. There is something fine just on the other side of the horizon MAYBE. "He who expects nothing will never be disappointed"; BUT, Never lose Faith... MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE ROCKABILLY FAMILY.  

Listening to Christmas MUSIC today…

I was inspired to write "The Christmas Script"  After a very Successful music fashion tour in So. East Asia. ROCKABILLY MANIA, The Rockabilly Corporate family are all down in Miami for the big Christmas party thrown by CEO Buck Morris off his`171 foot Super Yacht... Johnny Rocket and Wendy Wow, who made it happen on tour, are on Christmas Break from Harvard. Dr. Rocklyn Score, Rory’s daughter at Miami Children’s Hospital has mentioned to her father, the legendary Rocker Rory Score, and Buckley about these traumatized kids fresh from the Syrian war at the hospital…The children in a special place, a gingerbread house, erected on the back deck waiting for Santa with the promise of plenty of toys. Buck known for his lavish Miami parties off his Yacht goes all out…Fabiana and Natalie are in charge of arrangements…Buckley insists on having real snow in Miami; a snow making machine and blowers to keep the snow from melting…on the dock in front of his boat. Fabricka is busy designing Christmas fashions for the dancers… along with Wendy. Brewer Cleary will choreograph something special... "Maybe around the snow ?" Marty will compose a who’s who guest list...donations to the Hospital… “Rory will coordinate the entertainment” along with Johnson Miller  (Between them, they know every singer and musician personally) along with Bobby Box who will take charge of sound equipment…Gardner Evans, the food and drink…Everything done to perfection by the close Rockabilly Family... WHAT a CHRISTMAS BLAST... I wrote the entire script formatted for TV...for a special half hour broadcast in Record Time… “All these characters are prominent of course from the Original Script, makes things easy...They are flying in WORLDWIDE to be at one of BUCK's EVENTS... "They know they can expect America's best". TOO BAD IT WON'T BE AIRED THIS CHRISTMAS. "As the Brooklyn Dodgers always said "wait till next year"       (Picture of me 2018 Georgetown Malaysia)