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Standing 66 Ft. above the water, on the bridge wings, at 08:15 with a sextant in hand, a copy of the Nautical Almanac and the appropriate volume of HO 229 on the chart table as watch officer, it would take me approximately 5 minutes to shoot the sun and about 10 minutes additional work with my Sunline Work Sheet to plot an LOP... Maybe an hour later, do a five minute running fix on the same plot in order to come up with an appropriate celestial position. At night a three star fix, looking up to the heavens might take a bit longer. The key is to be very organized. I found in my experience, if you do the same old thing that brought you a successful result and repeat the same procedure, things can, and will only improve.

There is nothing difficult about Celestial Navigation. Books that present a lot of theory rather than technique make it difficult for someone to understand. Many confuse the reader with ambiguity, using terms that many readers fail to understand, initiating complexity in something that is simply not that difficult in application.

After a Great Circle Route back to the West Coast from a Far East Run, with plenty of application under my belt, I decided to sit down on my home computer, not preach theory, but to communicate in simple terms exactly what I did, making it rather easy to learn.

We all know that today this application has little practical value with the proliferation of extremely accurate and inexpensive positioning with GPS. Even when the electronics go down pocket GPS devices with 3 or 4 AA batteries accomplish the same.

Shortly after earning my way to 3rd mate, I came into possession of a 1933 British Husun Sextant, very valuable, very accurate. I did not sell it, I passed it on. Like the discipline itself, both can not be measured in monetary terms or efficiency terms. Both I feel have spiritual value. That is why sailors will always have a yearning to learn the discipline. That is why I am passing this information on to you. Unlike from books you will learn this application... If you follow along what the Captain tells you to do (LOL)...Have fun ! ...that is an order.

Completing another long voyage, engaging my capacity as a graduate Naval Architect, I worked out all the Stability and Trim problems in the Coast Guard data bank in order to help one pass the appropriate tests. I'm also a professional boat designer, a Florida office six years, I posted another old link, a perspective on upwind sailing.

These lectures were done over 15 years ago. I re-posted them, having been told they are still very relevant for passing CG exams and that it would be a shame for them to go to waste on an old CD disk.

Sailing originally from Florida and floating into Am. Samoa, after 33 days alone at sea on a challenged vessel from Tahiti, I wrote my first screenplay SOAKED, "About Sailing", still working as an active designer, specifically on the details of my design, The Panamanian One Design and its sailing program Entre dos Aguas, a non-profit for the Maritime Cadets in Panama. This material in addition can also be accessed in part on my Face Book Page Tomas Sailor. I have enjoyed a wonderful career at sea, starting out as an ordinary seaman, after college and graduate school in Europe, my first career on Wall Street; but, my passion though, The Sea. I hope to give back part of my experience by entertaining, through this Screenplay and hopefully navigating it through to production; in addition, to educate by initiating the aforementioned design program; both meaningfull I feel and personally rewarding projects. The screenplay SOAKED was crafted in my office here in American Samoa over a period of six months from storyline to Final Draft, the storyline in part, lightly autobiographical.


My Second Screenplay JOHNNY B. GOODE. I posted the synopsis....A great story...hope you enjoy it.

On all my screenplays... suggested music...Compliments of You Tube...conveyed through original artists...

My Third Screenplay STEAMING TO CASABLANCA ; both synopsis and the Final Draft.. ALL Final Drafts, the completed scripts, are all password protected, PDF formats, basically for the Hollywood Trade.

I guess I have been blessed to have written a Fourth Screenplay. Again...I've posted a rather detailed synopsis...The Title GRAND STREET BOYS. It makes it so much easier for the trade in this digital age to review; in addition, to download the state of the art script a PDF file... again all scripts password protected.

I began a fifth THE SINS OF JOHN HUGHES SJ; While sleeping just about midnight, I woke up on the rocks, someone cut a half inch mooring chain. Lost my boat, lost all my possessions and the research on this Screenplay. I salvaged little more than passport and tooth bush...NO INVESTIGATION in spite of evidence proffered by me. The people are wonderful, the local US Territorial Government,CORRUPT to the core; just ask Bank of Hawaii who pulled out; at least they had the decency of not putting a bullet in my head for whatever reason I do not know. I am currently in Bangkok

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